Community Conference Calls

We invite you to join us on our Community Conference Call on the third Sunday of every month at 6PM Central time. We discuss a range of topics including our upcoming events as well as current events. Contact us to join!

If you can’t make it—don’t worry! We record every call and make it available to you right here:

December 2019 — Community Conference Call with Jon Jeter – “Cutting Through the Impeachment Quagmire" 

November 2019 — Community Conference Call with Ben Norton on the coup in Bolivia + review of RAGE and AIRS

A sharable version of Ben Norton’s portion of the call is also available on YouTube

September 2019 — Healthcare, Not Warfare: Facebook live discussion with Margaret Flowers

August 2019 —  US imperialism and mass shootings with special guest Ann Wright (We apologize for the technical issues and extra airport nose as Ann called in while traveling)

July 2019 — War, What Is it Good For: Facebook live discussion with Robbie Martin

June 2019 — Live debate between journalist Ali Musawi and author Will Stroock on the US/Israeli/Saudi tensions against Iran and Israel’s part in the war in Syria.

May 2019 — Updates + Civil Resistance

April 2019 — Rage Against the War Machine announcement, recent events in Venezuela & the Embassy Protection Collective

March 2019US Hands of Venezuela Rally, Basque political prisoners held by Spain & more

February 2019 (Video webinar with special guests Don DeBar and Mnar Muhawesh)

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