Community Conference Call 5/19 – You’re invited!

This month’s community conference call takes place Sunday, May 19th and we hope you’ll join us!

Join us on Sunday for Civil Disobedience 101 with Malachy Kilbride and to hear recent updates about March on the Pentagon and our October event, Rage Against the War Machine.

The United States is obviously a rogue state. With recent events like bully-blustering against Iran, Venezuela, and China and the profoundly illegal arrest of the Venezuelan Embassy protectors on Thursday, it’s way past time for us step up our game!
MOP is proposing that all good people become bad citizens of the rogue USA, so we are planning “Occupy the White House” on October 11th.
This will be a “risk arrest” action, so this call will hopefully inspire us to do some sacrifice for peace and justice AND inform us of what that may look like.

Join us on Sunday:


Please email Cindy if you would like to join the call.

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    May 17, 2019 REPLY

    I am a community activist, to go to Washington and rally! This craziness has to stop!!!

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