March on the Pentagon Went to the White House

On Monday, July 8th, members of March on the Pentagon, including co-directors Cindy Sheehan and Emma Fiala, converged on the White House in Washington DC to call for an end to aggression on Iran.

Unfortunately, July 8th saw unusual flash flooding in the area, resulting in numerous people having to be rescued from their cars on flooded streets—including from Constitution Ave in front of the White House. Water was even pouring into the Metro in nearby Virginia.

Our event was scheduled to take place during the height of the flooding, rendering Emma stuck in Virginia and others stuck in transit. 

We ultimately pushed our scheduled event back a few hours in hopes that the rain would stop and waters would recede. Thankfully the weather cleared up, the roads opened, and we converged on the White House, though in drastically lower numbers than we originally anticipated. But that didn’t stop us from holding our signs, engaging in conversations and holding space in front of the the White House.

Thank you to everyone who came out despite the conditions, to everyone who attempted to make it, and to everyone who joined us online.

No sanctions, no war.

Images and video from the event can be viewed below:

You can view a livestream from our event in front of the White House here:

Alex Rubinstein from MintPress News interviewed many of those who were present:

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