An Open Letter to The President of the United States

October 12, 2019 Emma Fiala 1 Comment

Dear President Trump,

We have seen your type before and by that we mean, regardless of where you came from and what you once did, you are a politician. You have advanced to the highest office in the land, one rife with controversy and lies. The fact that you are there says a lot about you, and it also says a lot about us.

We see your social media posts and we hear your words. We saw you quote our comrade and CIA whistleblower, John Kiriakou. But we take what you say with a grain of salt and will continue to do so until your actions back up your words, because, historically speaking, presidents so rarely back up their words with their deeds.

It’s true: Endless wars have to end. Not only because, as you said yourself, an incomprehensible amount of money has been wasted, money that could have been spent here at home on the many issues that matter most to Americans. But also because, as you said yourself, millions of people are dead. We have also irreversibly poisoned the planet and have planted seeds of terror that will bear fruit for years to come, long after you leave this office and this life.

The status quo is not sustainable. The United States–and the world for that matter–cannot survive so long as our War Economy run by the bipartisan War Machine continues to rear its ugly head in places it does not belong. The United States cannot survive so long as the War Machine exists in its present form. It is bleeding our resources, our wealth, our people, and that of the world. It is chipping away at any hope for the future.

We can’t make America great again. This country was never great. This country was founded on genocide, a genocide that is still celebrated by some this very weekend. We cannot be great again because our foundation is held together by the blood of indigenous peoples and slaves.

But we can be great. We can break free from the chains of the two party duopoly that is fueled by war and we can become a great nation that takes responsibility for its actions, doesn’t bully other countries, and doesn’t meddle in their business.

Only time will tell if your words, Mr. President, are anything more than simply words. Just know that we, and millions of others around the world, have our eyes on you. You have the opportunity to make American great in a way that it has never before been. Or you can continue being a typical politician, spouting empty words while struggling to craft a false image of yourself for the history books.

We’re watching and we will hold you accountable. You have the power to bring our troops home. It’s time to #EndEndlessWars.

March on the Pentagon

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    October 12, 2019 REPLY

    The turnout for the March on the Pentagon was extremely small, while the same week tens of thousands of people marched against Trump in Minnesota. We need to understand why.

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