panda of 일본만화사이트리스트 the golden age of cartoons

When you say Andy Panda, a lot 일본만화사이트리스트 공유 of people will be like, “Who?” In contrast, the bear was once a popular character in cartoons. He’s a great cartoon hero from the early days of the medium.

Andy was created by Walter Lantz, the same person responsible for the iconic Woody Woodpecker character. Woody first appeared in an animated short by Andy Panda. However, let’s get back to the unknown Panda.

Andy enjoyed massive popularity in the ’40s. His first cartoon, Life Begins for Andy Panda, was released that year. In the 1940s, he was featured in several cartoons and had his comic strip in New Funnies comics. He even had his comic book series as recently as the ‘70s. He was accompanied in the comics by a sidekick named Charlie Chicken, who was one of my favorite characters. Like Abbott and Costello, in a way.

The Andy and Woody cartoons were a staple of my childhood in the ’70s and ’80s. I have fond memories of watching Andy Panda cartoons from the ’40s both before and after school. Apple My favorite cartoon is Andy. In the cartoon, Andy fights both his better and worse natures. It’s great to have a panda like an angel. You guessed it: the dark side is represented by a panda that looks like the devil.

Andy’s motivation to ditch class and burgle a farmer for apples comes straight from the cartoon’s dark side. After eating so many apples, he passes off and has a nightmare about being damned to Hell. Finally, he comes to, overcomes his demons, and goes back to school. Some of the earliest cartoons managed to be both hilarious and eerily entertaining. Even in the 1980s, they were still shown on TV, which is great.

Andy isn’t completely helpless, though. Recently, DVD collections of classic animated shorts like those featuring Woody Woodpecker and Andy Panda have become commercially available. No amount of adversity can permanently damage a person of high moral standing.

Learn the Basics of 실시간 일본만화사이트리스트 Caricature Art at Cartoon

Artists understand the difficulty of making a likeness of themselves from a photograph alone. Achieving a likeness between the drawing and the subject is the most challenging aspect of portraiture. Only a select few painters can truly pull off caricatures that are spot on.

A great deal of hard effort and time spent practicing are needed. You need to draw out every last detail so you can get the color scheme just right. Excessively bright or dark colors might detract from the overall quality of a piece of artwork.

One of the newest methods that save a lot of time compared to traditionally hand-drawing an avatar’s face is to use computer software. With the use of these resources, you may accurately capture a person’s facial expressions and expressions.

It’s essential to be able to draw caricatures that are both funny and accurate without offending people. This can be problematic if you’re attempting to depict a person of a different race or ethnicity.

If you’re not good at drawing faces for your “cartoon me” avatar, you should take a class in art at the local community college. They provide instructors who can aid in the refinement and expansion of one’s skills. However, there is no guarantee that you will see results, as the vast majority of artists are merely talented. It can take some people years of practice to create a caricature that looks both realistic and funny.

Caricaturing Santa 무료 일본만화사이트리스트 Claus

Everyone loves Santa and the presents he brings at Christmas, but not everyone is equally excited to draw a cartoon depiction of him. Most individuals find it tough to develop Santa cartoons because they don’t know where to begin or what kind of wardrobe specifics to focus on.

Thankfully, once the basics are mastered, drawing Santa Claus is easy. This article may help beginners understand the basics of creating a Santa Claus cartoon.

Santa Masquerade

His beard was long and white and coiled in curls. And those thick mustaches that resemble tree leaves? Tell me about his nose. Circles and ovals are great easy shapes to use while sketching cartoons. Santa Claus’s nose seems perpetually enlarged in the cold, so it’s best to color it a soft pink to represent this. Making the eyeballs takes little time at all; just draw two identical circles.


As steps go, this one couldn’t be easier. Start by sketching in Santa’s beard and beard fur. Simply 신작 일본만화사이트 리스트 rounding off a rectangle can be used to convey its gentle nature. It’s possible to finish the shape with a rounded, triangular apex afterward.

Depict the human form

Now that you know how tall Santa is, you can be assured that your Christmas lists will be appropriately sized. Therefore, just like when designing soft toys, this section of the cartoon Santa should be drawn with relatively smooth, curvy lines. You can gloss over as many specifics as you desire.


When depicted standing up, Santa is much simpler to draw. Just make two triangles with rounded corners and a downward point on one side. To depict the boots, draw two parallel rectangles and two corresponding circles. You can move on once you’ve joined these curves together.

Gift 일본만화사이트리스트 추천 Wrapping

You may give your cartoon Santa a sleigh full of presents almost as big as the one real Santa uses. This may be made using the reverse of our Santa comic drawing and a simple circle or oval. To make it appear as if he is carrying it, run the straps over his shoulder and hook them to one of his hands.

Raising Your Arms

As was mentioned before, a cartoonish drawing could be very simplistic. People prefer to go to extremes, especially when it comes to their arms. If you imagine two huge “V” letters side by side, you’ll get the idea. You can make the gloves as simple as possible or shape them into circles.

Accessorize your 오래된 일본만화사이트리스트 creation.

A black belt below the waist, a yellow square buckle in the center, and soft fur or felt cuffs around the sleeves, center front, and bottom edges of the coat are all that is needed to make it look like Santa Claus’s costume.

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