Rage Against the War Machine with March on the Pentagon TODAY!

It’s a Beautiful Day to Rage:
For Immediate Release

CONTACTS: Cindy Sheehan, Emma Fiala

Where: Meet at the White House
(Lafayette Parkside)

When: 11 Am
(10 Am for poster making; Civil Resistance Training)

After 18 years that the U.S. has been in Afghanistan, in a war that never should have taken place anyway, today is the day that activists from all over the U.S. will gather in the nation’s capital to Rage Against the War Machine.

Building upon last year’s successful “Women’s March on the Pentagon,” antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and many others will take to the streets of D.C. to Rage Against Trump at the White House; Rage Against Sanctions at the I.M.F.; Rage Against the Democrats at Farragut Square; Rage Against Think Tanks at the Atlantic Council; Rage Against War Profiteers at Booz Allen Hamilton; and finally, Rage Against the Corporate Media and the 1% at the Washington Post.

Cindy Sheehan, speaking from Washington D.C. had this to say about the strategy of marching through D.C. on a Friday, “too many times, I have come to D.C. and marched on a weekend, where all we were doing was shaking our fists at empty buildings and performing for tourists. On a Friday, we may not be able to gather as many people with us to protest, but we will be able to hit the Beast where it counts and reach out workers and citizens who may not otherwise be seeing the entire picture of what this Empire does to people.”


    October 11, 2019 REPLY

    This is utterly beautiful! Hope you will be thousands of protesters!

    October 11, 2019 REPLY

    I am trying to find some kind of live or previously recorded video to post on my blog and elsewhere.


    October 12, 2019 REPLY

    This is encouraging to read, as I will not be able to join, as much I wanted to. Every little action against any wrong against humanity counts. Like a droplet of water in the beak of the tiny sparrow to put off the huge fire, lit to burn prophet ABRAHAM. That was her contribution towards a good with rewards in eternity. So is this movement of yours. Wish you all participating immense strength, power and success to continue this fight against war mongering!

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