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Statement: On the Death of War Criminal George H.W. Bush

March on the Pentagon Calls for a National Day of UN-mourning:
On the Death of War Criminal George H.W. Bush
We at (W)MOP are vehemently opposed to wars and war criminals and, with few exceptions, every US president falls into the latter category.
We are also vehemently opposed to the lionization of each war criminal as they finally pass from this mortal coil and we are also opposed to the fact that most of them die prosperous and peaceful and not rotting in Guantanamo or Ft. Leavenworth.
Donald Trump has declared Weds, December 5th as a “national day of mourning for George HW Bush,” the 41st War Criminal in Chief. (W)MOP is not calling for a day of rejoicing, as we just plan on going on with our normal lives, trying to end war and the calumny of the US Empire.
So we at (W)MOP are declaring a National Day of Un-Mourning on December 5th, 2018.
George HW Bush’s record is there for anyone to see, and to us it’s appalling and we mourn each and every one of the US Empire’s victims during his reign of terror, most particularly as Director of the terrorist organization called the Central Intelligence Agency; Vice Present and President of the USA, and as the father of at least one more War Criminal in Chief and many other criminals.
The interesting thing about the “legacy” of George HW Bush, though, is that we look at his record with horror, while the rest of the country looks at it with respect and honor.
We are sure there are millions of people around the world, in Panama and Iraq, for example, who agree with us and are not mourning GHWB, either.
We have to make it NOT NORMAL to be a war criminal and stop naming air ports and roads after these thugs.
One thing we can sadly agree with about the rhetoric around the death of GHWB: He was a “great American,” and we need to make that phrase stand for something different: peace for all, prosperity for all, good health for all and a sustainable planet where these things can happen.


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