Marzieh Hashemi

Statement on the Detention of Marzieh Hashemi

January 20, 2019 Don Debar 2 Comments

Aron Trainin, the Soviet legal scholar whose work helped serve as a basis for the Nuremberg Charter, said that “crimes against peace” included “acts of aggression” and “propaganda of aggression.” It is in that context that we view the FBI’s illegal seizure and holding of truth-telling journalist Marzieh Hashemi, a Black American grandmother who is a world-renowned news anchor for PressTV.

Hashemi’s reporting has exposed the illegal war-making of the United States government in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, among other places. Her arrest last Sunday by the FBI as she was visiting family is an affront to journalistic and diplomatic norms and, as it is intended to discourage truthful reporting on American war crimes, another Nuremberg-level offense by Washington.

March on the Pentagon demands her immediate release and a statement clearing her of all wrongdoing and apologizing for this grotesque act of harassment.


    January 21, 2019 REPLY

    We depend on brave souls like Marzieh to bring us the truth. She should be released immediately.

    January 21, 2019 REPLY

    Thank you for teaching us, dear Cindy.
    The first casualty of war is truth.
    I try to tell people of the 1999 court hearing by William Pepper, Esquire, close friend of the King Family, where jury verdict was that FBI, CIA, organized crime and USA military were responsible for assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
    One of several media distractions at that time, corporate conglomerate owned media not publicizing court hearings, 1999, was W. Clinton deregulating Glass Steagall banking laws, that after Great Depression brought America 50 years of prosperity.

    I am reading several books on the massive movements of the civil rights movements, “ Bearing The Cross “, David Garrow, and “March on Washington “, William Jones, the civil rights movement on respect and dignity for all people, keeping our history intact, education, health care ( no student debt), fair housing, and of course against wars, Vietnam war but one example of all wars made of lies.

    Thanks for your outreaches. Beg

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