Immediate Fundraising Appeal — We Need Your Help!

Dear Friends,

When I look at all the horrible things the U.S. is doing around the world, particularly regarding Iran over the last few weeks, I get a strong sense that anti-imperialist, women-led organizations like March on the Pentagon are needed now more than ever!

But why?

It’s easy to see that the Democrats in power are only objecting to the tactics that Donald Trump used when he criminally ordered the execution of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani while he was on a peace mission to Iraq on January 3 rather than the fact that he ordered and followed through with an illegal assassination. Of course no leading Democrat has ever opposed the overall U.S. policy of Empire. Time and time again they only oppose certain aspects of it when it suits their political perfidy at the time.

March on the Pentagon is in an emergency situation right now where we need $1K urgently to pay to renew our website and cover website maintenance and other general costs.

There are a few options available for donating:

Beyond the urgent issue of funding the website and cover general costs, we also have plans in the works and we will need your help to get from here to there. Some of these plans include:

    1. Monthly or bi-monthly organizational and informational Community Conference Calls/Livestreams. In the past, our topics have included: Impeachment, healthcare, Venezuela, Syria, Palestine, with some amazing and brilliant guests, including: Jon Jeter, Margaret Flowers, Dakotah Lilly, Ben Norton, Mnar Muhawesh, Sarah Abed, and many more!
    2. An online forum to honor women of peace and courage for International Working Women’s Day: Tentatively scheduled for March 7, more details to come. We must not forget that War is a Women’s Issue!
    3. Sending our leading members to national and regional conferences including the upcoming UNAC conference in February.
    4. Organizing our annual mass mobilization in Washington DC this October

You may see specific fundraising campaigns for some of these things soon! The more funds we are able to raise the more that we can do to spread the message of anti-imperialism and international solidarity!

With the liberal Women’s March organizing to Get Out the Vote for the Democrat half of the Party of War on Saturday, January 18, we’d like to remind you that Women’s March on the Pentagon was born in January 2018 to address that: War IS a Women’s Issue.

Donations of any size are very appreciated!

Please share this message with your friends, comrades, colleagues, families, frenemies, enemies….

Peace and solidarity!

Cindy Sheehan

March on the Pentagon

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