March on the Pentagon

Thank you!

Dear Friends,

The leadership of WMOP are writing to extend a very warm and heartfelt message of love and thanks to those who attended our events of the Women’s March on the Pentagon weekend, or helped us by donating time/resources/money.

Despite the black-out of the corporate media and resistance from forces loyal to the democrat party, we are pleased to report that our efforts were a HUGE success.

Our weekend began on Saturday, October 20th with around 200 people attending workshops at St. Stephen’s church.

We learned the basics of self-defense for women from our colleagues at (F)eminist (U)prising to (R)esist (I)nequality and (E)xploitation (F.U.R.I.E); there was a protest music workshop; and workshops on the whys and hows of Civil Resistance; alternative media, and the truth about what is happening in Yemen. (We have a plethora of video and photos available).

Our main event was the march on and rally at the Pentagon. Independent sources verify that about 1500 people marched from the Pentagon City Metro Station to the Pentagon. The march was vibrant and energetic, even though, or maybe because, it was extremely cold (out of the week I was there, Sunday was the only bitterly cold day—hmmm….). The march was led by women, but we are also grateful for all of the men who came out to support us and support the idea of a world free from the US war machine.

The Dragonfly Drummer Group began our rally with a Native American blessing and prayer and many thought this was the pinnacle, but our sisters were followed by many great speakers and musicians and we are also grateful for the hearty souls who remained despite the icy wind blowing off the Potomac.

We said from the beginning and we continue to say that the Women’s March on the Pentagon was not the end of eight months of difficult and dedicated organizing, but the beginning of an anti-imperialist movement with a coalition of wonderful people and groups that we gathered together throughout 2018.

On Monday the 22nd, we met at Lafayette Park to feed the hungry—we have a special report on that in this newsletter from Co-Chair, Bonnie Caracciolo.

Stay tuned to our website for announcements about future actions and organizing—we won’t stop until the War Machine stops!

Peace, love, and solidarity,

Cindy Sheehan for TeamWMOP

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