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Fast for Yemen

Thank you to everyone who fasted with us! Our Yemen fast is now over.

Over 18 million people in Yemen are on the brink of starvation.

A child in Yemen dies from starvation and other preventable causes every 10 minutes. Over one million children are going to die because their hunger is too far gone to go into remission with nutrients. These children have reached the point of no return. An immediate end to the war and blockade would not save most of them.

The genocide in Yemen has been supported by the US government since 2015–when that shining light of love and peace (sarcasm), Obama was president. The US has been supporting the government of Saudi Arabia in these atrocities and has been selling over 100 billion dollars worth of death machines to the repressive and brutal Saudi regime!

The humanitarian crisis (genocide) in Yemen is worsening by the day, despite the recent weak, toothless bill proposed in the US Senate.

We, the people who are thinking outside of our own borders and immediate circles of concern, need to dramatically step up our efforts!

So what can we do?

Electing democrats obviously won’t help because the democrats began this criminal venture with Saudi Arabia, and I can’t remember a war that the democrats didn’t support and pay for.

Writing letters to Congress, or calling them is also a fruitless endeavor because Saudi Arabia and its vast oil wealth and influence has the US Congress and the UN under its thumbs.

Cindy embarked on a hunger strike on November 4th to highlight these issues and to bring awareness to the sickening genocide in Yemen because too many people in the United States do not know the reality of the situation, let alone any useful facts about a far off place called Yemen. She took the baton from her friend Pam Bennett, who completely a 26 day hunger strike for the very same reasons.

As Cindy ends her hunger strike as the month of November comes to a close (after a significant struggle keeping herself healthy while also dealing with breathing toxic air thanks to the devastating fires in Northern California), she invites us all to take the baton from her as she continues a low calorie liquid fast.

Our #NoTHANKSgiving fasting campaign that many of you took part in over the Thanksgiving holiday was a huge success and we were blown away to see so many of our fellow global citizens commit to fasting. But the situation remains dire and it’s clear we must step up our efforts.

Our goal is to have at least one person commit to fasting for a full 24 hours each day of December. December in the United States is chock full of instances of over buying and over eating. Holiday parties and gatherings fill our calendars and treats line tabletops and countertops as far as the eye can see. We are asking you to abstain from these “traditions" and, most importantly, to tell others why you are doing it. If you are able, we welcome you to commit to fasting for more than one day.

Please complete the short form below to secure your fasting dates. If your ideal date is already pledged, please do not hesitate to fast on day that is already covered – the more the merrier. We do, however, want to prioritize having every single day of the month covered.

In addition to fasting, we are asking those joining us to seek sponsorship for the dates that you plan to fast. This can look however you would like. If you are fasting for 24 hours, ask your friends and family to sponsor you for that 24 hours by donating $10 to Yemen. If you are fasting for multiple days, ask your friends and family to sponsor you at $5/day for as many days as you’re able to fast.

Feel free to use this sample text when sharing your plan with friends and family:

I plan to fast in solidarity with those suffering an unimaginable reality in Yemen. Over 18 million people in Yemen are on the brink of starvation and could die by the end of 2018, thanks to the US-backed Saudi-led coalition assault of the poorest country in the Middle East. This is truly the greatest humanitarian disaster of our time and it is time for the international community to stand up and do something. I have made the choice to fast and ask that you support me in my efforts by sponsoring me for $20/day. You can send your donations to Thank you for your support.

100% of sponsorship donations will be sent to organizations working Yemen.

In December, we raised and donated $1,420! Thank you!

In January, we raised $670 and donated via A World Without Barriers.

In May, we sent $150 to Mercy Bakery.

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Together we raised $1,420 for Yemen in December!