March on the Pentagon calls for

an End to the War in Yemen

Join with us today to show your disapproval of the horrendous war crimes resulting the daily loss of life in Yemen by adding your name to the petition below.

A shocking 18 million civilians are at the brink of starvation in Yemen – 5 million of which are children. The disturbing and widely ignored situation is considered to be the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

With help from the United States and the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates seek to control Yemen, the Middle East’s poorest nation.

The U.S.-backed coalition is deliberately targeting innocent civilians. Civilian infrastructure including food and water supplies have been frequent targets with little notice from the international community.

Despite these obvious war crimes and the horrendous suffering that has been thrust onto the people of Yemen, western governments like the U.S. and the U.K. continue to assist the coalition with bipartisan support.

Join with us to show your disapproval of these horrendous war crimes that result in the loss of life in Yemen every day by adding your name to this petition. Including the state in which you reside will allow us to send the petition directly to those who represent you in Washington. While their true colors show by the repeated approval of a massive U.S. military budget, we will not let them wage this war on innocent lives in peace.

We urge you to not end your efforts here. Signing a petition is the least we can do. Please support organizations working in Yemen, join our Fast for Yemen, share the truth about Yemen far and wide, and call your elected officials daily, if not hourly. Make it be known to the world that we do not consent to these war crimes.

Top Photo: Yemen’s starving mothers — Aisha, a Yemeni woman, holds up her emaciated 9-month old daughter, Galila, who suffers from malnutrition and malaria, at the Stabilization Nutritional Therapeutic center in al-Khoukha, Yemen, in this Feb. 12, 2018 photo. | Felton Davis

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